Since 1994 the wonderful Danielson famile (or family, and for some time simple Danielson) plays maximal independent music out every style like Captain Beefheart for example. Their first album was released in 1995. Reissue

A Prayer for Every Hour – double LP by Fire Records


King Louie Bankston is a hyperactive rock and roll musician from Louisiana. He has constantly toured in the States since the early 1990s and released 40 records with various bands, for example: The Royal Pendletons, The Persuaders, Kajun SS, Bad Times (with Jay Retard, Eric Oblivian) or King Louie and the Loose Diamonds (with Harlan T. Bobo, Jack Oblivian). His brand new band are the Missing Monuments, play gritty rock n’ roll with a distinctly Southern flavor-blending in hints of pop, garage, soul, oldies, and even hard rock with Benny Divine on bass. Benny plays organ and drums in Wizzard Sleeve, drums in Gary Wrong Group, and organ in Natural Child.

7″ EP by Slovenly

The 1st Missing Monuments album 


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