Streets Kill Strange Animals. Chinese noise rock influenced by Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Yo La Tango and the rapid pace of change and modernization in China. “There was less pollution and fewer people in the 80s of my childhood, though you could enjoy less entertainment and there wasn’t such chaos in the cities. So it seems that I’m a passenger on the bus these days.”

7″ by Genjing Records

An interview about the Chinese alternative rock scene on RNR666.


Pizza Time. Easy Spanish pop punk from Denver. Perfect for the rainy days.

Quiero Mas – cassette by Burger. Free download!

A little different style music is on their demo:
no pop, but raw noisy lo-fi garage beats. Free!

Some moments of a Pizzaboy’s life: “I’m gonna wear the same clothes everyday in California just change my undies and socks. That was my plan but apparently I drank too much last night! Pissed the bed and lost a “Z” from my jacket… walking through the airport with a massive pee stain on my pants was pretty tight.”


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