“The Ketamines is music from James Leroy and Paul Lawton. Ambition with no expectation. Love with no motive. Music that will help you through troubled times. Ketamines motto is: love yourself, honour yourself, respect yourself.” Their music is a very special mix of garage beat, bedroom blues, kitchen rock, living room country, bathroom surf, basement pop and homeless glam. The Ketamines releasing 4×7” singles on 4 labels, the covers combine to make one giant collage. The 3rd single

by Hosehead

The 1st. The 2nd is coming soon by Leaning Trees Records

You can buy the first and third together here


If I’m writing that this is purely Nirvana, is it good or bad?

Feelings – Ends Meat, debut LP by Urinal Cake. Listen to the full albumMore songs


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