Mongrel Zine is a Canadian print fanzine since 2008. They founded his record label in 2013. Their second item: Bloodshot Bill / Richard Catwrangleur split sinlge

Bloodshot Bill have been playing as one man band since 2008, but was in some bands also. He has two famous collaborations, Tandoori Knight with King Khan, and The Ding-Dongs with Mark Sultan. In the 90s Khan and Sultan were fellow musicians in the notorious Canadian garage punk band, The Spaceshits, later they played together as King Khan & BBQ.

Bloodshot Bill’s new LP is recently released by Norton Records, and the next Dings-Dongs album is coming in November also on Norton.

Richard Catwrangleur writes and plays simple and great experimental-psychedelic-folk-pop-rock-punk songs.

Very funny synth punk with lots of food. The Gabba Ghouls‘ debut album

limited edition cassette by Truly Crude Records


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