KK Null (Kazuyuki Kishino) is one of the most important persons of Japanese experimental scene. He is composer, guitarist, singer and mastermind of progressive hardcore band, Zeni Geva. He started his career as a studied Butoh dancer (by Tanaka Min), and performed guitar improvisations in clubs of Tokyo, then played with Merzbow for two years, and was in various groups together with Yamatsuka Eye (aka Yamantaka Eye, Boredoms) and Tatsuya Yoshida (drums, Ruins). His label released the first Melt-Banana album. As solo artist he is “creating intense clashing wave of noise, structured electro-acoustic ambience, broken down rhythmics, scattered pitch sculptures, droning isolationist material which could be described “cosmic noise  maximal/minimalism”. He made two tracks with a Birmingham-based tuba doom duo, Ore. It’s released on limited edition 7″ and digitally on 18th November by Endtyme Records. Samples taken from the double A side 7″

An interesting Ore track: In Hungary They Used To Burn Bagpipers


Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel. Debut album: Nico & Her Psychedelic Subconscious

out now on Burger Records. 60s style, sometimes Doors-like psychedelic rock.


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