Sieur et Dame are a French band. They have made one of the best albums of this year. Their music is very special, difficult to define it. In one word: burlesque. In more: here a review about it. They originally were a duo, but recently joined a third member, Jonathan, who recorded and mixed their second album. 3 very simple questions about records >>

What was the first own record in your life? Please write some words about it!

Etienne: “Killers” from Iron Maiden, a great record that I still uphold.
Claire: “History” from Michael Jackson. I was a great fan. There was everything on it. (It’s a double album. Second part.)
Jonathan: “Schizophrenia” from Sepultura that I had on CD with my first sort of ghetto blaster.

What record made the biggest influence on you?

Etienne: “Let in the Light” from Shannon Wright. (She is an American singer-songwriter.)
Claire: “Mahler’s Symphony n°2” directed by Wilhelm Furtwängler. (Sorry, but I couldn’t find it from Furtwängler. It’s conducted by Claudio Abbado.)
Jonathan: “In Utero” from Nirvana.

What was the last record that you heard?

Etienne: “420m3 – 37’14” from Chausse Trappe.
Claire: “1st Ep” from Le Feu. (It’s Jonathan’s band)
Jonathan: “Monstre Né” from Birds Are Alive.

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p.s.: The song of video clip, ‘Cry In My Head (She Lives In America)’ is on their first album.


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