“the Primitive Calculators were always outsiders in Melbourne’s punk scene”


The Primitive Calculators are really great synth-punk band from Australia. They have started in 1978, in same place and same time than the Birthday Party. After a single they relocated to London, in same time than the Birthday Party, and promptly broke up in 1980. But there was a post-split-up single under the name of  Zye Ye Ye in England in 1981. The sole album was released in 1980. It’s a live recording of a gig supporting the Boys Next Door in 1979. The Boys Next Door was renamed to Birthday Party.
They would be discovered in the early 2000s. Their records were reissued together with unreleased live and other recordings. Then they have reformed in 2009. A new single was released in last year. And now here is the first studio album!

from The World Is Fucked LP by Chapter Music


My opinion is that Audacity is not so good as popular. Others say that Audacity is not so popular as good. The meaning of two sentences is same: they stand before shiny future. Garage punk from Fullerton, CA.

Butter Knife LP by Suicide Squeeze Records


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