The Pussy Riot Documentary


Once upon a time there was a feminist punk rock group in Russia. In the 2012th year of the Lord they went to a church and took some shots for their video clip without music and permission, and created a little scandal. Because of the intervention of guards the action lasted for only 40 secs. They put the clip on internet. In the song they ask Mary to remove Putin from the power. Huge scandal.

Three young women would be hunted down, and the authority laid a charge of „hooliganism motivated by religious hatred” against them.* The defendants were treated as terrorists. The judgement: 1 on parole, and 2 x 2 years in labour camp. The high authority said that the proceedings were not a political, rather a criminal act. But because the act of Pussy Riot was political therefore the judgment was necessarily also political. But the judgement was mild, because these women and their collaborators „can try to destruct our country with undermine our moral basis” – said Putin. The decision begot a big international outcry among civil rights movements and all kind of artists. Madonna was one of the main protesters, but she is just „an aging ex-whore” – said by the Russian vice-president.

*I don’t understand the „religious hatred” because they pray to Mary so they are believers.

The Russian people were divided on the issue. The majority (literally: bolsheviks), i. e. conservative side demanded the strict penalty. They have raised in the soft-Stalinist bolshevik era mainly. The minority, i. e. liberal side protested against the decision. Generally they were born after the fall of communist dictatorship.

Since then there were some hunger strikes by the two jailed 23 and 25 years old public enemies.

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