Ultra Bidé from Kyoto > “Anarchy in your eyes. Let’s punk!” since 1978.


The band worked in New York between 1987 and 1999. They were supported by Alice Donut’s manager and Foetus. Their records were released by Alternative Tentacles. There are just drums and double bass on the new album

from DNA vs DNA-c LP by Alternative Tentacles


Jonathan Kingsley Seilman, musician, arranger and producer from Nantes, known for his previous project, This Melodramatic Sauna, and its collaborations with The Patriotic Sunday, Birds Are Alive, and Sieur & Dame, etc. He now back to himself with a new project, Le Feu, in collaboration with My Name Is Nobody, Binidu and Fordamage members. The most simple phrase is: indie pop, but French, because I like it.

 Debut EP by Havalina and My Little Cab Records


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