tvcoloTV Colours started as a solo project of Bobby Kill from the Australian punk scene around Dream Damage Records and we have written about this awesome scene many times before, so we asked Bobby some simple questions and he kindly took the time to answer them while already being on tour in Europe.

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So, without further ado, here is the full-length, uncut interview with Bobby Kill!



All of our friends who heard your new LP, Purple Skies, Toxic River, say this is of the best rock record of the year. Are you satisfied with the album?

Yeah definitely, It took so long I am just happy that it’s finished and finally out. There Are a few things that I wish I had done but I am sure everybody feels that way about everything they finish.

This album took you six years to make. Why did you need such a long time? Did you exactly know in 2007 what you want? 

Back in 2007 I came up with the idea for the artwork and the concept, but besides that I had only a vague idea of what I wanted it to sound like, it was something that only became clear in the last two years. It took a long time for many reasons, it’s kind of hard to decipher exactly why though, I think things like albums just take as long as they take, it was allot of hard work.

What is a really good LP like in your opinion?

Ah, it’s varies, but I think fundamentally I need to be able to listen to It as a whole product as opposed to just liking the singles.

What was your first favourite record?

My first favourite record was Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness by The Smashing Pumpkins, I was obsessed with it when I was about 11 years old. I’ve only just started listening to it again recently and I have only just realised how much of an impact it had on me

Purple Skies, Toxic River pretty much seems to be a concept album. What’s the story of it?

Ahh, yeah, on a basic level it is the story of someone leaving for the city for discover the world outside there home.

Do you have any favourite concept albums?

Yeah definitely Zen Arcade by Husker Du, it was a huge influence on me writing the album, I sort of wrote Purple Skies, Toxic River as my own personal version of Zen Arcade.

We are aware that you started this band alone but are you still a one-man band in terms of songrwriting or are you going in the direction of writing songs together? When have you started to play together?

We started playing together about 8 months ago it has all come together very quickly. But yeah I would like to start writing and recording together, anything to stop me taking another 6 years to a finish something

Could you describe the music scene of yours in Canberra? (Assasins 88, The Fighting League etc.)

Canberra is a very small place and has a very small music community, it’s place where it is very hard to keep anything going because everybody moves away. I know it sounds like a cliche, but I feel like music like punk has always been very prominent in all our music because it thrives and smaller places where you don’t have much to do.

What was it like to be a teenager in Canberra or Australia in general?

Ah, well, it was awesome, it was boring though, it is one of those places where you just spend all your time just hanging out and getting up to no good. Lots of skating and hanging out at shopping malls.

Where is the name, TV Colours taken from?

Ahh, before I was Tv Colours I had had about 10 different names, I would change it every 2 months and could never decide on one, when I finally changed it to Tv Colours there was no thought involved, I just thought it sounded cool. I still wish I could change it

Do you like Europe? Have you been here before?

No I haven’t been here before, i have been here for 12 days now and am having the best time ever, such great  place and we’ve meet A tonne of awesome people.


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