After his second album Seasick Steve won the Award for Best Breakthrough Act in UK in 2007. Then he made an all sold out UK tour, included performances at the Royal Albert Hall, The Edinburgh Queens Hall, the Grand Opera House in Belfast or the London Hammersmith Apollo. He was 66 at the time of breakthrough.

Before the success he was an itinerant street musician in France and Scandinavia. His first album, entitled Cheap, was released in Norway in 2001. He arrived to Europe from USA, where he was born in 1941. At 8 he learned to play the guitar from K.C. Douglas, who worked at his grandfather’s garage. K.C. was influenced by the great delta blues musician, Tommy Johnson. K.C. had a big hit in 1949, the Mercury Boogie. It was later renamed to Mercury Blues


Seasick Steve would be a hobo, travelled by freight trains sure, and worked as a seasonal farm worker, but sometimes joined various travelling shows. In the 1960s he started touring and performing with fellow blues musicians. Then he worked as session musician, studio engineer and producer for lil independent labels around Seattle in the 90s…

Some fellow musicians of his new album: John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin, bass, mandolin, ukulele, banjo, organ), Jack White (White Stripes) and Luther Dickinson (Black Crows, guitar)…

Hubcap Music LP by Third Man (USA) & Fiction (UK, Europe)


Max and Mara. Max has been a part of various projects, most notably Brotman and Short, his current solo work as Business Etiquette. Mara is known as Group Rhoda. “We love drum machines, waves, echo and space. Who doesn’t?”

Less Ness LP by Dark Entries


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