2006. Two Japanese meet in London and form the Bo Ningen. Give only one show where the audience to force them to cease music. 2007. One of them meets another Japanese. Big happiness. They play music for 10 hours per day. Finally the drummer is coming towards them. Psychedelic hard rock and roll, or Zeni Geva light:

 Line The Wall LP by Stolen Recordings


Parquet Courts have been making great garage punk rock music since 2010. Their first LP was a big surprise. This EP is sometimes Fall- and Country Teaser-like folky punk rock’n’roll, and hip hop:

EP by What’s Your Rupture?

European Dates Oct 14-31
Ireland, Holland, Danmark, Germany, Belgium, Italy, France, UK

The singer/guitarist Andrew Savage is member of Fergus and Geronimo. It is the first recorded musical manifestation of space funk paranoia. He is Fergus. Geronimo’s other band is the minimal electro new wave Future Punx



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