A garage rock specialist, Reverend Beat-Man about the Spanish Way y Los Arrrghs!!!:  “totaly out of control, Way y los Arrrghs Plays the 60’s Garage Punk as Autentic as it’s get but it’s still new wild overdrived Fuzzed Out. I Send them to CIRCOPEROTTI studios in Gijon (…) the Egeneer was Caling me up and sed.. what the fuck they just came and using a hell a lot of Drogs and they don’t have any lyrict.. they are totally Punks… a view days later he called me up again and sed: BEAT-MAN THIS IS THE BEST SPANISH GARAGE PUNK BAND OF ALL TIME !! the lyrics are ultra funny and fucked up !!!!”

Todo Roto LP by Slovenly

You can listen to the previous album here     Free download: Live at WFMU in 2009

S/W Euro Tour from Spain to Belgium and back in October


The vinyl and analog maniac Jack White has built a “live records direct-to-acetate” system. There are no overdubs, no post-editing, there is only an engineer, who mix it in real time. Watch! & listen to a track from MelvinsLive At Third Man Records LP

Hey, there are two drummers in the band!


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