NASHVILLE, TN Jack White’s Third Man Records to release the complete life-works of Charley Patton, Blind Willie McTell and The Mississippi Sheiks on vinyl in chronological order. These performers were enormously popular in their time, but their songs are almost unlistenable for the ears of today.

Charley Patton (1891-1938), the most influential delta blues guitarist was such a big star that he didn’t wander all over the Mississippi Delta in contrast with fellows. He performed on pre-organized shows only. He drove the public crazy with his playing and tricks. Lot of his songs were recorded between 1929-30 and 1934.


Poor Blind Willie McTell (1898-1959) lost his eyesight in his childhood. Soon after lost his father, then his mother, so went whither he could. Wandered in Georgia with his 12 strings guitar. His records were frequently released between 1927 and 35, but under different names because he signed contracts with concurrent labels under different names. (It was a generally established custom in that time.) After his record of 1949 he became itinerant musician again. In 1956 a record shop owner recognized him at a corner in Atlanta. The man lured him to his shop with a bottle of corn whiskey. During some shows his last tracks were recorded there.


The Mississippi Sheiks trio had records between 1930-36. Everybody knows his greatest hit: Sitting On The Top Of The World. One of them, Bo Carter made a solo carrier with such unambiguous, expressive songs as Please Warm My Wiener!


Their songs were played and covered by rich and poor,
but the original performers lost behind the covers. They are.

The third items of series are coming soon.


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