a really great 60s style psychedelic rock band

Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel


– What was the first own record in your life?

WB: I remember this like it was yesterday… I heard this band in the 90’s when I was about maybe eight or nine years old called Goldfinger, and they had this record called “Hang-Ups” and I bugged the shit out of my dad to take me to Warehouse Records to buy the CD. So I FINALLY saved up the money to buy it, and my dad took me and I bought it! It was the greatest feeling ever and was the first record I ever bought with my own money. I still have the original copy and listen to it in my car!

– What record made the biggest influence on you?

Ignacio:  Yellow Submarine. The song “Hey Bulldog“, definitely a game changer.

– What was the last record that you heard?

Tomas: I just stumbled upon a bargain record find of this album called “Smash your head against the wall” by John Entwisle. AMAZING. It’s this early 70s heavy psych record that throughout the album slowly swindles down from its heavy beginning and eventually to the last song which cuts to a nightmarish chant of Rudolph The Rednose Reindeer. It’s righteous.

Debut LP is coming soon by Burger Records The latest 7”

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