is a rock’n’roll band from San Diego, California. During their European tour they will make a show in Budapest at RNR666 Party soon. It’s a good occasion for a short interview with the founder Wesley  Doyle. 

I think you have some garage rock impressions, but The Bloody Hollies play simple rock. What’s your opinion about the recent garage rock wave? What kind of bands do you listen at present?

There was a lot of good stuff that came out over the past 10 years. I really only liked stuff that I thought was original though. And originality and “garage rock” don’t really seem to mix a lot these days. I’m still a really big fan of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. They were one of the bands that made me want to start my own. I listen to DEVO, Led Zeppelin, Gary Numan, AC/DC, Queen, probably the most. But I listen to a lot of hip hop. Everyone in the band still listens to Notorious B.I.G.

Originally you are come from Buffalo, but some years ago you moved to San Diego. Maybe it’s the most remote city from Buffalo within US. Why San Diego?

I used to be in the Marine Corps and used to come out here a bunch when friends of mine were stationed here. So it wasn’t really that foreign of a city to me. I always liked it here and it was kind of a natural transition. Plus I can’t complain about the weather.

How can you find the new band mates after the move?

It was really easy; I think I replied to an ad online by Joey looking to jam with someone. Originally I just wanted Joey to come to SXSW with the existing band and be a 2nd guitar player. Eventually it just kind of worked out and we ended up replacing Mike Argento with Matt Bennett. I consider myself pretty lucky to have been able to find them so easily

In the 90s in San Diego was an independent record label, the Vinyl Communication. It released the records of Tit Wrench for example. Do you know them?

I don’t know them. There are a few record labels out here including Swami Records which is run by Jon Reis who is the singer from Rocket From The Crypt. San Diego is known for really nice weather, beaches, tourism, etc, but you’d be surprised that there are actually a ton of pretty cool rock n roll bands.

What’s your favorite Buddy Holly song?


Sept 5. Budapest, Zappa/Trafik

Euro Tour Aug-Sept:  Netherlands, Germany, France, Serbia, Hungary, and Italy.


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