speedywThe Speedy Wunderground is a very interesting label and studio in London. In accordance with the founder’s order:

All records of the label will be recorded at their own studio. The musicians, the producer and engineer are together in one room, with no control room. The recordings of the label’s all releases will be done in one day and finishing before midnight. The core of each song will be a live take recorded in the dark with smoke and lazers and somewhere on each record the Swarmatron will make an appearance. Mixing will be done the next day, also in one day only. Furthermore there will be no lunch break during the recording and mixing. The recordings will appear in limited runs of 250 7”s as soon as humanly possible. The founder, Dan Carey will produce all releases.

He has previously produced Franz Ferdinand, Bat For Lashes, TOY, Willy Mason, Django Django, Emiliana Torrini, The Kills, Chairlift and Steve Mason (aka: King Biscuit Time and Black Affair). Now here is the founder’s own project under the name of Scotti Brains. Taking their name from a shared love of San Franciscan psych band Bunny Brains and his cat. Psychedelic noisy indie guitar music:

7″ by Speedy Wunderground


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