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Sept 05 Budapest, Zappa/Trafik


The history of The Bloody Hollies has begun in 1999, when Wesley Doyle (vocals, guitar, harp) demobilized from the Marine Corps and formed the band with a buddy – by his own admission – under the influence of AC/DC, DEVO, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and The Oblivians. Besides, because of the slide guitar and Wesley’s singing voice their music resembles to the Australian Rose Tattoo too.

Their 1st album has released by a relatively unknown label, Garage-Pop, but the second one come out with Sympathy for the Record Industry. Some label mates: White Stripes, Bassholes, Billy Childish, Bob Log, GG Allin, Melvins, Mummies, R.L. Burnside, Roky Erickson, Oblivians, Spacemen 3, Tav Falco and so on. The band has moved from Buffalo (NY) to the other sites of the States, San Diego (CA). (I think it is the most remote city from Buffalo within US.) Their last three albums have released by the Alive Records, and they don’t roll the shit.

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