The Satanic Rockers are coming from NZ/AUS. They play “heavy blues and light metal”, i.e. early Butthole Surferesque music with Axemen* philosophy.  (*Legendary NZ DIY art punk group.) A Satanic Rocker, Lynton has replied to 3 basic questions:

SR111. What was the first own record in your life? Please write some words about it!

– Red Hot Chili Peppers album called “Freaky Styley” was the first tape I ever bought, I was only fourteen so it wasn’t really my fault. I used to skateboard and deliver newspapers for pocket money. I was a useless skater and I find the Red Hot Chili Peppers quite painful to hear these days…The second tape I bought was Dead Kennedy’s first album which is more on the mark….!

2. What record made the biggest influence on you?

The biggest influence on me at the moment would be Darkthrone and Kenneth Higney. Higney specialises in highly emotional and rocking discordance and Darkthrone paint the sky black! My favourite Darkthrone album is Blaze In The Northern Sky….!

3. What was the last record that you heard?

The last record I bought was a Sydney band called Ruined Fortune. It is a seven inch and I love the riffing, kinda enthusiastic heavy pop with indiscernable lyrics!

Satanic Rockers Fu-Kung LP is out now.
It’s a very little micro moment in the world history.

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