A totally superfluous story in short

Black Flag was an influential American hc-punk band between 1978–1986. The band formed in 1976 as Panic, but there was another Panic, so they changed the name. The new name and the logo were given by the guitarist’s brother, the artist Raymond Pettibon.
The two emblematic figures were the co-founder, only constant member, main songwriter Gregg Ginn and the singer Henry Rollins (1981-86). The Black Flag records were published by Ginn’s record label.
In his book Rollins wrote that Ginn called him in August 1986: “He told me he was quitting the band. I thought that was strange considering it was his band and all.”

2012. September: Henry Rollins and Keith Morris (co-founder) have applied for the trademarks for the name and the logo. The judgement of the claim is under way by US Patent and Trademark Office. Morris was the original singer. The band entered the studio in late 1979 to begin recording their first LP. Before the end of the procession Morris smashed his records and guitar and walked out screaming, quitting and refusing to complete the album.

2013. January: Gregg Ginn and Ron Reyes (singer 1980) have reformed the band.
Spring: ex-members have formed a nostalgia band and began performing under the designation Flag together with the logo.
June: Ginn’s record label, the SST has applied for the trademarks for the name and the logo.
August: Ginn thinks the rights of the name and logo belongs to him and sues the Flag members (1-3 & 5-6 points), Morris (Flag member, all points), plus Rollins (3-6 points).


This post is totally superfluous, and I’m stupid because I could write about the wonderful world of the Axemen instead of this shit.



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