Garage blues trash country surf rock and roll since 1552. Yihaaaaaaaaw!!!!!!!!!

from Death Hymn Number 9 – 3rd Degree Moon Burns LP by Alternative Tentacles


MX-80 SOUND is an American long-time running eclectic jazz rock art punk band.  Their first album was released in the UK in 1977. It will be reissued with unreleased materials in September.

from Hard Attack 2CD by Superior Viaduct

Art rockers’ surreal case

In accordance of the new “Made in America” act the Federal Trade Commission barred export of their new album, titled: “We’re an American Band” in 2005. Under the legislation, companies advertising products with the term “America”, “American”, “US” or USA” must file certification documentation that “all or virtually all” of the product-including processing and labor that go into the product must be of U.S. origin. Since the band claimed “we are an American band” so the FTC is required proof of national origin of each band member. They refused it. Otherwise the “We’re an American Band” is a big hit by Grand Funk Railroad. By the MX-80


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