The legendary Anglo-Dutch experimental rock band formed in London in 1980. The band was originally called One Day. And one day “We, the Legendary Pink Dots feel it is our duty to inform an unwary public that the new number of the Beast is 834.”

from The Getshemane Option LP by Metropolis

They frequently collaborated with Skinny Puppy’s cEvin Key, forming a side project named The Tear Garden. Key also played drums on several tracks.


In my opinion this guy is a lunatic, such as me. He has played post T-Rex lo-fi cyber punk:

from SAY! WHAT IS THIS? and WHAT’S THE HUBUB BUB LPs by M’lady’s Records

These are from two reissues. The originals were released in 1980-81. The Tronics had been playing since 77 till 84 in England. The main person was Ziro Baby. Nowadays his name is Zarjaz and doin’ the Freakapuss. A split 7” with Sic Alps was released last year.


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