One thing I knew before getting acquainted with the music of Hunx & his Punx is that punk can handle any sort of weirdness basically, the more, the better. But I remember how I couldn’t really tell if it’s love or hate when it comes to Seth Bogart and his style –  is gay punk just a stupid joke? Or is it something that new bands are really lacking maybe? Since the irresistible  pop tunes of Hunx & his Punx took the control out of my hands, I don’t really care if it’s trashy and sometimes disgusting – as long as it’s fun and my parents would definitely hate it (oh and one more thing, I just love Shannon Shaw who’s also a lead figure in the band)

Here’s their new album, titled Street Punk, a twisted attempt, you might think and you are right. I’ve heard it somewhere that if you want to make an album as quick as possible, you should turn to street punk – so, whenever I hear the album title, I smell a big deal of irony – needless to say, even though the new songs have a more overdriven sound (especially the opening track Bad Skin),  it’s really far from street punk. But would you miss the soundtrack of supermasculine agression when you can have super-witty ill-behaved fun garage songs instead??

If you like to giggle, here’s a new video with 3 Hunx tracks and hilariously careful narration – the album is available from Hardly Art Records, one of my favorite labels these days!



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