The White Hills has started in the early 2000s. Dave W. was dissatisfied for previous bands and decided to start his own one. He played every instrument on the early recordings, but has found a fix mate, the bassist Ego Sensation soon. Dave W. was discontented with the audience in the US too. “Fuck the States! I’m not gonna bust my ass to drive hundreds and hundreds of miles to play to nobody.” He has got his main musical influences from England and Germany: Hawkwind, Pink Faires, PIL and NEU!, Amon Duul II, so they went to Europe to search audience for their heavy psychedelic rock. And there they have meet with success. After a self-released CDr (2003) the first White Hills album on label released in 2005 by Julian Cope’s Fuck Off & Di Records in England. Since then they have been releasing their works continuously by various labels. And they are a really active band. The brand-new dose: So You’re… So You’ll Be. I don’t want to write about it too many. The point: heavy psychedelic space rock. Sometimes emerge a little Twin Peaks feeling there, but perhaps only for me. Maybe it is the first case that there isn’t 10+ minutes track on their record, so it is a receptible album for those who better like the hard rock and roll than the heavy psychedelia. Listen!

These are not from the new album

but this is the first song from it and free

just click to the track title & download!

Euro Tour Sept 12 – Oct 22

Fuckin’ US summer tour with The Cult…



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