miltonhartGrant Hart was drummer and co-songwriter in the Hüsker Dü. After the break-up he continued as a guitarist and vocalist in the Nova Mob. After the break-up he has been doing solo career. His double album based on John Milton’s epic Paradise Lost. The poem was written from 1658 to 1664 in the time of restoration of the English Monarchy. The blind, impoverished and republican author began to write it right after the fall of the Commonwealth.

Letting Me Out from The Argument double LP by Domino

The record was also inspired by William S. Burroughs. While Hart visiting former friend and secretary of William S. Burroughs, the secretary showed him an unpublished manuscript for Lost Paradise, Burroughs’ science fiction story which portrays the fallen angels as men from distant planets and God as none other than Harry S. Truman.


bigblackcloudWow! “Wonderfully raw” noise rock. “If the Blood Brothers morphed with Sonic Youth.” And a little Butthole Surfers, Cramps,

Big Black Cloud – Cities Of The Red Night from Black Friday LP by Stankhouse



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