You might not be familiar with too many things coming from Serbia (and let’s focus on the good things, right?) but there’s one man who seems to be everywhere, or at least where the good things are happening in Serbia. So, meet Filip Cetkovic who has an endless list of bands, runs a trve club called MKC Kombinat and is an expert in trash films, obscure music and graphic arts. Trve, right?

Bag of dicks exploded at the end of last year with their over-distorted minimalist interpretation of garage punk. The duo is at least three times louder than any two-piece on this planet and you can easily check this statement if you come to their autumn show brought to you by RNR666. Filip’s yelling vocals, bass progressions from the desert, trash movie cruelty, a kick-ass EP – and I must say once again, it’s done really really loud.


┼ chresus jist ┼ is Filip’s most recent band with slightly more sophisticated sounds but it’s still pure punk (two girls run the rhythm section, by the way but  honestly I could not really tell this while listening) and it’s still pretty noisy. Apart from the sick name – of which I remember laughing my ass off when I first heard, anyway – it’s not a primitive endeavor with its indie rock and surf reminiscences and hell, this EP sounds totally right – it’s unfortunately something we are not quite used to from Eastern European bands.

Go for your free downloads at the bandcamp sites and seek your opportunities to catch these bands at a show!


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