Good girls love bad guys forever! Two of the most bad-ass Hungarian bands gave a thrilling show this May in a small venue and I must say you are most unlucky if you didn’t attend.

So, here’s a little souvenir from that dark and raging night, proving that Hungary knows how to recycle everyday frustration and that certain roaring coming from a male human’s crotch.

Aren’t these the two essential ingredients for bad music?

Broken Cups is well-known for their maniac live shows and evil post punk sound – but with a frontman so eager to surprise the audience, you just never know what to expect from him. Those guys sitting with an astonished expression probably haven’t been to a gig where they had to face that aforesaid crotch at point-blank range (1.10)


derTanz is probably the best live band in Hungary now. What they do on stage today is the result of playing together for a damn long time, which clearly shows. Hypnotic improvisations and killer songs – well, no one really knows what Gábor is talking about during a gig but more or less everyone is shit scared. Or look at Broken Cups’ frontman, Dávid in this vid, totally frenzied from Statue, the opening track from the first derTanz LP, Kaktusz


The guys from the two bands couldn’t really stop making noise after the gigs, so they teamed up for a little jamming…sounds squishy? not at all


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