I have listened to it many times. It was not a difficult thing because the Yes! is a very good record. The music is indie rock surely. I very don’t like this phrase and write it with fear because the “indie” labelled musical products have place in the trashcan largely. I could write: alternative rock, but this term repels me in like manner. Well, I can’t rank it to other class, but the Binidu is high above the indie rock category. His music comes to my mind the Deerhoof and the French band is comparable to them. Fresh and playful music. I feel the atmosphere of his birthplace: in July 2012 the trio took his summer residency in a hunter cabin in the Alps, 10m away from the lake Aiguebelette:


The members: Vincent Dupas, guitarist of Fordamage and My Name Is Nobody and the Pneu, a drums’n’guitar duo.


Yes! LP by Kythibong Records




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