lilacsLilacs & Champagne is a project of an instrumental rock band, the Grails’ two members, Emil Amos and Alex Hall. The L & C was created to be a direct tribute to the musical outsiders of the past. The Danish & Blue album made up of sounds sourced from Scandinavian porn and hyper-obscure b-movies from the late 60s.

Alone Again and… 


melchiorDan Melchior‘s pink vinyl by an Aussie label. Only 100 copies! To tell the truth I think that his name speaks for itself and no need more words, but I know: OK the name speaks for a very good witty musician but this is known by only few people. This circumstance needs more words: after the split of his short lived first band (where his girlfriend plays trash cans) Dan Melchior sent a cassette to Billy Childish. With him, but mainly with Holly Golightly (It’s not a stage-name! Really.) worked together.

Distributed: UK     Europe     USA     Aus/Japan


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