“Everywhere I hear the sound of marching, charging feet / Cause summers here and the time is right for fighting in the street” – howled by Mick Jagger in the song of the Street Fighting Man in London, England at the summer of 1968. Today the same things happening thousand miles to west, but there’s no music at all. Video-report and interview with the Brazilian video-artist VJ Spetto from the burning São Paulo in 2013 19th of june.


RNR666: What is the atmosphere like in São Paulo now? How do the protests interfere with your daily lives?
SPETTO: People here are really pissed off with the (mis) governament. To understand brazilians: we are pacifists, we tolerate a lot. But last governament movements (in the city, in the count, and federal) was intolerate. They aproved the rise of taxes, rise of transport tickets, they want to shut up the judges, and give infinity power to deputades on congress. And day by day we hear a lot about corruption.
People are stopping the city. The movement start with the students, but now all the society is involved. Old people, workers, children. Everybody is protesting. And all social classes. This is a war between politicians and the people.



RNR666: Could this be the beginning of a new era now that a football-loving nation is rebelling against the system because of the coming World Cup?

SPETTO: I am sure that is not related with worldcup. Could be a coincidence, but the reasons are deep. There’s a escalade on urban violence, lack of hospitals and really high taxes, turning impossible to live in big urban centers. House rents rised 200% in 2 years, for example. There’s lack of schools and universities, and public hospital are a joke. If you dont have a private health plan you’re dead basically. And if you die you need to pay at least 4000 euros to be buried. Social injustice is everywhere and people are really tired of that.

RNR666: Is there any music or song that became the emblem of the protests?

SPETTO: Time is sad, there’s no music at all.


RNR666: Do you feel there is any chance that the people can achieve what they are fighting for?

SPETTO: The biggest potential in Brazil always is the mass movement. The crowd are re-discovering this potential. If politics dont hear the people things could be worst. I think that the politics will be obligate to hear people – otherwise in a radical move they will be killed by people.

RNR666: In Hungary during the past communist era, there was a show on tv where people could ask for a song to be played during the big communist national holidays. It was called something like Revolutionaries’ Choice. What’s the song you’d send to the people of Sao Paolo now?


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