You know how a good girl likes to arouse attention? Yes, that’s exactly what Australian rocker Bobby Kill does in Canberra, as he’s the man behind TV Colours – the thrashing-surfing-frustration band whose debut LP (after only one 2-song release) has been awaited worldwide for about two years now! I don’t know what’s exactly going on in Australia but the independent / RNR scene has begotten such eloquent bands like Circle Pit, Slug Guts, Rat King or Bobby’s fellow music mates, Assassins 88 or The Fighting League (3 guys from the latter bands play at TV Colours gigs). So, when you get the feeling of envy, you are absolutely right and to be honest, I would be most envious of TV Colours as it is almost sure as death that he will leave his 500 fans-status behind pretty soon. With one of the greatest and most unique albums of 2013 it is not an exaggeration that he finally made it after all the failures (re-recording, studio cabin fever)  but I’m rushing a bit too much ahead I guess.

So, what do we get on Purple Skies, Toxic River? Apart from the obvious comparison between him and Nathan Williams from (the once damn noisy) Wavves here’s this quite fucked up setting-the-scene of leaving a city behind on foot – that’s the point where the buzzy vision of a big city melts into a distorted vision of  pseudo-urban alienation, losing ground and all these miserable things from a poor neurotic teenager’s perspective, all of these get terribly amplified and that means a lot of noisy guitars, as you can guess; even some Memphis Reatardesque punk vibes and atmospheric chilly soundscapes in-between. How could you not get excited about such weird poiesis?

It’s  like walking the concrete paths of a hot sunny Australia while listening to your favorite obscure RNR songs through your everyday companion headphones. You might even see some 30 year-old VHS footage of teenage skaters in your mind, you might just wanna grab a six-pack of cheap beer, or you might just wanna die right now, all of these are possible if you give a try to TV Colours’  brand new LP – out now on Dream Damage or for European lads, Eighteen Records. Download is available for a set price but my humble suggestion is buy the vinyl or die!


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