motoThe M.O.T.O. (Maters Of The Obvious) was founded in New Orleans in 1981. During his story the band was quartet, trio, duo and Paul Caporino. He is the only constant member, the motor. The band play “proto-lo-fi caveman pop or homemade rock’n’roll”. The Golden Quarter Hour 7″ EP includes 8 new songs which was recorded by a 4-track for the sake of the perfect sound:

by Rerun (USA) and Blast Of Silence Records (Finland). You can grab it with many other songs in digital form from here


finnsplitA split 7″ with two Finnish bands. A faultless post punk/new wave song from The Lazards and The Seekrets come into my mind the B52’s, and it is great!

by Blast Of Silence



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