Natasha Khan is an English singer-songwriter. She was born into a Muslim family in London to a Pakistani father and an English mother. Her carreer: school truant because of her mates’ racism – card-packing factory worker & songwriter and home music maker – University of Brighton: music and visual arts – make three successful and critically well acclaimed albums between 2006-12 under the name: Bat For Lahes. Those bore me. Her music and voice come in my mind Björk and Madonna. But now here is an exciting track from her, a cover version of an Amir Rassaei song, Aroos Khanom. Accompanied by TOY

The Bride, 7″ in 250 copies by Speedy Wunderground

Amir Rassaei was(?) an Iranian singer before the Islamic Revolution. After the revolution the western-style music would be banned there, but it’s alive. A very good film about the recent Persian music.


I put video to this post very rarely. In this case the song must be marvellous. I never write such records from which I can’t embed or upload a track. But now: Manatees (from Memphis) – Destruktor 7” by Tic Tac Totally  << You can listen both songs.



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