These guys from Cheshire, CT seem to believe in reaching enlightenment in a crappy basement and hell, they are right. The Atomic Buddha simply picks rough RNR licks, psyched out vocals and the shittiest sound of punk, who knows, maybe they got sick of today’s garage rock bands getting an accessibly clean sound by now and what’s originally meant to be raw and loud has become sheer pop music, some easy listening for the hip crowds? Or they just don’t give a shit what goes around in the world as long as drums pound, guitars grunt and the rage is on…


Blottered is loaded with quite powerful tunes, which might be challenging to notice at first but this trip is definitely worth taking, Fading fast for example has an infectious riff and even some screaming organs, just as if The 13th Floor Elevators were kidnapped, thrown into a basement, then offered some glue. Love the idea? Grab your copy of the limited CD release from 75orLess Records hoping that their next sonic boom will be a tape or what’s even better, a sexy vinyl!


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