Someone in Cracow stole my wallet and the brand new ipod and the camera of Matteo. And we were stopped by the Slovenian police and since i didn’t have my documents (it was in my wallet) they detained us in a police department of a small village to check the information I gave us. After 3 hours the police showed me a fake fax that said I didn’t have the drive license and they asked us to pay a fine of 1200 euro! And later to pay just 500, like a discount! Crazy man! The police is so corrupted and fucked up there. We cried a lot because the stress and the tiredness. Before that we already decided to cancel the last two dates.

Budapest is the Best! We really love that city! Hope to see you soon with another show!


Take care



Photo by Csati. You can see a video from the gig!



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