The Underwear Heads were long-rumored to have been a made-up band. Evidence of their existence over the past 30 plus years had been reliant upon a picture sleeve for a single that never came with a record. The legend of the U-Heads extended far-and-wide as “the sleeve without a record.” Truth of the matter is that vinyl was pressed for the release, but due to a manufacturing error all copies were defective and were unceremoniously sent to the garbage dump while some sleeves managed to slip out into the wild.” (…) John instantly claimed he’d not heard someone utter the band’s name since 1983. (…) an early-generation master was located in Australia and the world is finally privileged to hear the Tangmania EP.” Six self-recorded songs from 1980 on 7” by Third Man Records






The RockFire Funk Express was formed by three afro-Americans brothers in Detroit. In 1973 they recorded two songs for a single. The release day is today. Because of the band changed name and style by influence of an Alice Cooper show. The new style is called proto-punk today (yes, they were the pre-Bad Brains) and the new name would be Death. The Columbia Records president Clive Davis implored the band to change its name, but they refused. So their first album (recorded in 1974) released in 2009. Their only one single was self-released before the next style and name change which was in 1977. The Death transformed into a gospel-rock band: 4th Movement. (The Bad Brains was founded in same year.) Then they transformed into a reggae band. The Death has become famous in 2009. The doc film is very coming soon

and the second album is on the way. But there is a new guitarist because one of them died in 2002. And then RockFire Funk Express before Death:


People Save the World, 7″ by Third Man

By the way, their story has begun 9.2.1964. On that day the Hackney brothers were sat down by their father to witness The Beatles’ first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. The following day David found a discarded guitar in an alley…

p.s.: Bobby Hackney’s three sons play garage rock in the Rough Francis



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