deareVanishing Winter is the Dear Eloise‘s fourth 7” on Genjing Records (and seventh release overall), is a departure from the playful shoegaze-influenced pop purity of their earlier work, tacking down a darker path:


Li Daiguo, the acclaimed boundary-pushing musical polymath known as much for his complex compositions performed on a wide spectrum of traditional instruments as his often-bewildering live performances that have seen the American-born Chinese cavort with gypsies, tramps and other self-described lunatics alongside some of the country’s most respected avant-garde and experimental musicians. His latest effort, the seven-inch vinyl release Music for Advertisements, sees Li presenting a series of sonic advertisements for seven locations that the 32-year-old appreciated during his six years in Chengdu. “I practice a lot of different styles of music, including shona music, classical Indian, Chinese and Western classical music plus different types of Chinese opera and the like. (…) The Music For Advertisement 7″ is about emotions that I observed and had that were associated in my mind with things going on in Chengdu when I lived there—not necessarily big things or events, but just little things that you might notice and have a feeling about. (…) And how long you sit there and watch, listen and what the day is like will obviously affect the mood—like hoards of rickshaws and cars and bicycles like massive schools of fish through the smog or the dark dampness of a TB hospital where people are full of a variety of emotions while waiting in line outside under the perpetually-grey skies of  Chengdu to test their blood or do X-rays and not cough blood everywhere.”





The Dyne “We got together in Beijing in Spring 2012. It’s me on guitar and bass and another guy, Bai Tianke, on drums and percussion. I was in the original lineup of Beijing indie folk outfit Fragmentary Portrait from 2003-05 and a member of Rubber Phonographic Needle until 2010. Bai Tianke was the original drummer for Careless.” Minimal surf rock:



All are by Genjing Records, Beijing


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