Invisible Hand plays baroque acid-rock with power-pop guitar theatrics. From and inspired by the ever pastoral central Virginian landscape, with two members having served time as actors (including bit parts as Bat Boys and Charles Darwins), a full time food enthusiast and a visual artist with a knack for the French chanteuses of bygone eras. For fans of the Kinks, XTC, Squeeze, Wire, Buzzcocks, Sparks etc.

Demos, outtakes and alternate versions on cassette by Funny Not Funny. You can download free FNF V/A albums from here.


Peals is a new band led by William Cashion (Future Islands, synth-pop trio) and Bruce Willen (Double Dagger, drum and bass post punk duo). Their music is different character like his mentioned bands. Their first LP, the „Walking Field is headphone music for summer afternoons and cold winter nights; a soundtrack for deserted beaches and wooded campfires; the feeling of a sunrise alone, or a sunset with a close circle of friends.” There all sounds were generated by guitars and microphones.


Blue Elvis

The track is free. Just click the arrow! You can hear the album entirely here and download a live act from here.



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