– NON PLUS ULTRA Volume 2. 11 tracks of twisted Spanish synthpop/electro from the 80’s for bedroom dancing and more! Limited to 500 copies! By Dark Entries

Oldies from Texas. 1st. RADIO READY is a regional compilation series that features lost power pop gems from the 1978-83 era. This first instalment focuses on groups from Texas and spans Houston, Austin, Dallas, and even Amarillo! These 13 “should been” hits were culled from hard to find singles and unreleased demos. Fully authorized by all the bands and expertly mastered from original source materials, these songs have never sounded better.
2nd. An ultra rare classic Texas punk EP from 1981: THE HUGH BEAUMONT EXPERIENCE
3rd. A proper reissue for a classic that was bootlegged on the “Bloodstains Across Texas” series: LEGIONAIRE’S DISEASE BAND. Ferocious punk that tore across the city of Houston in 1979. All 3 by Cheap Rewards

BOBBY CONN euro tour. He has equally delighted and annoyed hipsters since first appearing on the Chicago music scene in the mid ’90s. Blending aggressive showmanship with an omnivorous love of musical genres, from Suicide to Streisand or from The Sweet to Stravinsky, Bobby has often irritated and provoked audiences, but never bored them.

PERE UBU’s euro dates

– Immediately after the new GUIDED BY VOICES album here is a new ROBERT POLLARD too.  A song from it. (He is the singer and the guitarist of the GBV.)

– Coming soon: NEW ORDER – LIVE AT BESTIVAL 2012 CD

SPACEMEN 3 discography to be reissued by Fire Records.

New SIC ALPS 12″EP + euro tour.

NATURAL CHILD euro tour between Sep 20 and Oct 31. Oct 14. Budapest, RNR666 Party.

GROUP RHODA euro tour. Budapest: May 19. >> Facebook event
With grounding in the minimal and the post-industrial landscape, Group Rhoda take classic west coast psychedelia, Suicide’s mechanical simplicity, and the industrial rhythms of Throbbing Gristle through surprising detours.

MY BLOODY VALENTINE euro tour. Budapest: Jun 9. >> Facebook event

TROUBLE VS GLUE new album coming soon by No=Fi Here is a track from Die Trauerweide LP.

– Brand new Hungarian dark lo-fi rap by the satanist rapper NICKY CSÉ under NOOB SAIBOT moniker.


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