dirtybThe Dirty Beaches Travel Agency is specialist of the lonely journeys. His double summer catalogue will be out on May 20. Promising offers! Belgrade, Alone at the Danube River, Berlin, Landscape in Mist, Casino Lisboa, Greyhound at Night and many more in strange filmesque experimental pop mode in this mood: “I was crying my fucking eyes out when i wrote this and punching myself in the face. This is why I’m doing this record. its for myself and my life.”



ketaminesHis friends and sometimes fellow travellers the Ketamines are releasing 4x7” singles on 4 labels from all over the world. The covers combine to make one giant collage. The first 7” will be out on June 1. The music is too punk for these and too pop for those, so perfect for me:

2nd: July, 3rd: Sept, 4th: Nov. + New LP coming soon.



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