The Slovenly is a famous record label (more famous than the rnr666 records)  and as the Hungarians say: they don’t roll the shit. The Slovenly release the great Greek garage punk band, the Bazooka’s debut LP now. By the way, have you known that the bazooka is a homemade brass instrument? The anti-tank weapon got his name after it because of his similar form. Well. Last year the Bazooka gig was a smash hit in Budapest at rnr666 party. They are coming from Volos, from where the Argonauts started to find the Golden Fleece very long ago. Perhaps owing to an antique economic crisis. Well. Why I tell these? Because of I have to write something from them besides that this is a fucking good album and raw wild garage punk. Pump up the volume and click the player!


They are two parallel bands in fact.


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