The Cuban origin Luis Vasquez grew up in California’s Mojave Desert near the Death Valley. He started The Soft Moon in his flat in San Francisco, seeing it first as a solo project. But bass player Justin was enthralled when he saw the first Soft Moon gig – so much so that he went backstage to convince Luis to let him help bring his insular personal vision to life on stage in future. He introduced Luis to multi-instrumentalist Damon, and Ron – Luis’ friend from way back – completes the current line up.

It all started with Prince. That’s probably the first artist I listened to and didn’t just hear. And from Prince I went to Slayer, then into jazz and then psychedelic rock, and then krautrock.

I like the genres like post-punk and post-industrial for my music because those feel like they work. Every track that I write is more of a soundtrack to my emotions. Or sonic photographs of how I am feeling at that moment. Memories.

The initial reason why I started the project, I wanted to figure out why I feel so fucked up in my head. Why I feel so much paranoia and anxiety and suffer from depression.

I’m a big fan of David Cronenberg and his fascination with body horror. I too have a fascination with biology and how the human body functions. It’s amazing and weird as hell. Biologic themes always make their way into my songs. I’m also a big fan of David Lynch and Gaspar Noe. The visual style took on a Russian constructivist feel, sort of Dada or Bauhaus influenced.

I want to bring in more of a Neubauten approach and start banging on things…

If I am home I get really depressed and stare at walls and drink a lot. When we are on tour I feel like there is purpose to my life.

Ticket price in advance: 2000 That day: 3000 Facebook event

ps My publicist just e-mailed me and was like ‘Trent Reznor gave you the go ahead to do a remix’ and I was like ‘What?


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