The Australian Ooga Boogas range in his music from proto-punk to new wave synth pop. But why I hear more and more times Lou Reed’s voice and the music of Velvet Underground on the brand new album?

Ooga Boogas – Circle of Trust from Ooga Boogas LP


Many people are delighted by the Ooga Boogas. I’m by the Exhaustion. This is another band of the Swedish drummer of Ooga Boogas. The brief history of the band:
„- I met Jensen (he is not the Swedish) when he working in a dive bar. He’s one of the few people who ordered everything I put out on my label, Endless Melt. So he seemed the natural go-to guy. He’d never played bass before, I hadn’t played much guitar. A good pairing.
– Per heard some of my early solo recordings (Drunk Hands) and offered to drum if I wanted to start a band. It didn’t happen till now. He carts round all this scrap metal with his kit, a one man Swedish Pussy Galore.”

Both LP has been released by Aarght Records



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