After the split of his short lived first band (where his girlfriend plays trash cans) Dan Melchior sent a cassette to Billy Childish. With him, but mainly with Holly Golightly worked together. Here his umpteen record, now with his band, Das Menace  

Krautslip from C.C.D.E. Music LP
The debut album of Parquet Courts was released in 2011 on cassette. Now it (after the big surprise first LP) on vinyl. They wrote these songs live on the stage:  

1.Her Boyfriend’s Band 2.Food Stamps Office 3.Mezzanine 4.American Specialties 5.Other Desert Cities 6.Square States 7.College Chess Circuit 8.Nation Of Islam: Nunavut 9.Largish/Dominant 10.A.M. Reprise (Rebelious Outtake) 11.Tidal Hisses. THE ALBUM IS FREE DOWNLOAD! Just click the download on the player!

Interest: the singer/guitarist Andrew Savage is member of the Fergus and Geronimo duo. 


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