"When I came from Lagos (Nigeria) to San Francisco (Bilbao) life was tough here or there. I did not mind, I had a purpose in my life: to fight the system that fucks up everyday of our life. Back in my hometown, I was an unknown songwriter but, as soon as I arrived to the streets of Bilbao, I discovered Punk Rock. It had energy and attitude and was exactly what I needed. Next thing was to get a band. I found out the most primitive drummer in Bilbao, Alberto Lopez (ex-La Secta, ex-Yogur, ex-Atom-Rhumba), and the noisiest guitarrist around, Mattin. The band was formed under my name, it could not have been any other way. These songs go beyond what rock and roll is and what it could be, in fact they are the degenereation of Rock&Roll against the regeneration of Bilbao." LP

These 2 songs are free download (just click the download on the player) & Billy Bao‘s 3 records are free download too, but only for desperate noise lovers!

Bad Indians Easy psych garage rock’n roll:

LP or digital 


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