Toxie. The members of the band are from the Magic Kids and the Coasting. Indie or what, but good. Debut 7” by Goner Records.


Cuckoo Chaos is the Richard Nixon of disco dancing. Cuckoo Chaos is the Henry Ford of Dada. Cuckoo Chaos is the John The Baptist of cunnilingus. Cuckoo Chaos is a tarred and feathered Hugh Hefner. Cuckoo Chaos is the Rasputin of children’s birthday parties. Cuckoo Chaos is the John McEnroe of meditation. Cuckoo Chaos is the rusty trombone you’ve always wanted. Chaos knows you’re fucked up, but loves you. “ Cuckoo Chaos is a very entertaining band:

: a collection of previously unreleased material created in various bedrooms and studios during the past several years. All proceeds from this record will go directly to the funding of their soon to be recorded first official full length album. 

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