In the early 80’s in Tucson, Arizona Terry Owen, a waiter in a Chinese restaurant found a Beatles „E-Z” chord book in the street and some week after he almost able to play entire sections of Love Me Do. Then he named himself Fish Karma and began an one man comedy act. On one of his show in The Tequila Mockingbird (the bird’s name is very beautiful in Hungarian: sokszavú poszáta) while he played a perverted delta blues the bartender, Al Perry, a legendary local musician began ran an electric drink mixer. Since then they have been working together. Music of Fish Karma is eclectic.
Now he is playing with an local band, The Love Generation. Digital album by Alternative Tentacles and a 7” single with 2 version of American by Sapient.  

Great country rock’n’garage roll from Canada. Sam Coffey & The Iroln Lungs:

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