Theres is nothing else like Australian underground electronic music, it’s style is completly unique. It can range from hardcore, breakcore, to a mix of everything else. Around the mid 90’s it was possible to start to hear Australian hardcore-breakcore because Nasenbluten got some of there music released on the New York label Industrial Strength.

Soon after Nasenbluten started his own record company called Bloody Fist, and started releaseing records one after the other. All most all music was exceptionally good, and all artist where from Australia. In the Bloody Fist records you can hear a big influence of hiphop, rap, beats, meloady’s, rap samples, as well as samples from unique Australian TV comercials, and life. Another intresting fact is alot of artist used Amiga’s, and Atari computer’s using early "tracker" programs, often the samples where in 8 bit. Australian underground music is still alive and well these days as well. This is just a little slice of it, and will post more extansivlly, music and information about one of my favorite "music-place".

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