Ezt a levelet kaptam ma. Teháta az október 14. i Urban Junior koncert elmarad. A Catholic Spray NEM!!!!!!!
Hey Pali,
Oh damn, today everything happens all at once: this morning I got really bad news about the Austrian shows (Vienna and Graz) for Urban Junior (before and after Budapest) and then in the afternoon I get an offer in Switzerland for the same weekend. And right when I wanna write you I get your email…
I have bad news. Like I said Austria gave me bad news: they can not do the shows I have planned. So Urban Junior can NOT make it to Budapest. I will need to look for other places to play and that will be in Germany/Switzerland.
It makes no sense to drive all the way to Budapest without a show in Vienna before Budapest and in Graz after Budapest.
I hope you understand.
I feel really bad abou tit, especially since the show is already next month.
I would have loved to send Urban Junior your way but the Austrian guy doing the Vianna and Graz shows just fucked up.
Oh well, live and learn they say.
I hope you have at least a great show with Catholic Spray.
We’ll be in touch for the future when I hope to have another band going far out east.
Ez van.

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