An interview with Tel Aviv Rock n Roll duo, TV BUDDHAS.

Answers: Juval Haring (2009)

How long have you been together as a couple and as a band?
Two to three years as both.  I loose count.

You are quite a new band, but you are touring so intensively, do  you know how many gigs you played?
I’d say around 400, but Mickey tells me to not talk about that cause its like talking about my dick size.

Have you played in any other band before TV Buddhas?
Mickey no. I was playing in a post rock band and i toured the states three times in 2006 2007

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What bands or records are your main influence?
We’re currently listening to T Rex – Electric Warrior, The Ramones –  Leave Home, The Modern Lovers first album, Led Zeppelin –  Physical Graphiti,  all 5 first Black Sabbaths, The Wipers –  Is This Real and MC5 – Back In The USA.

Juval you have got a nice, old guitar, could you tell me more about it?
Its a fake harmony built in the 60s i got in seattle for 300 bucks.

Could you tell me more about the Israeli RnR scene? I know only two RnR bands: Charlie Megira, Monotonix, and few Hc-punk bands.
The scene in Israel is less interesting than the israeli bands who leave Israel to tour.Its a unique enviroment but not a supportive one for underground arts. You really have to fight you way there and sometimes really cheapen what you do to get attention. And financialy its mostly not worth it. Food is great and my family is there so its always home.

You moved to Berlin in this summer, why and how do you like your new home?
We moved to berlin cause its cheap. Not for the hype. I subscribed to a video rental store and i cook alot , Im not the outgoing type, and Mickey too. We chose an area of Prenzlauer Berg that is mostly made of young mothers and their infant babes, for this reason.

Who writes the songs?
I did , this first album. But now Mickey is doing alot of the writing.I think i was faking it for a long time, and Mickey straightened me out.

What are your lyrics about?
They were about washing dishes in a messy home cause your on tour all the time,about saving each other from ordinary lives… about our personal shit.

You played two times in Hungary, what memories do you have about Hungary and the Hungarians?
I love Budapest. People drink beer from morning to night, then they move to heavierstuff and finish it off with a schnaps. I dont drink myself, but i appreciate the workthey put into it in Hungary. Also goulasch (spelling this right?), personal favorite.We also love you guys , so we come to see you too.

Your first Lp came out not so long time ago.  Are you satisfied with it? I think its sound is closer to your live sound than your ep-s before.
The ep-s were recorded ,mixed and mastered in a day. Its cool but has its limits.We worked on the lp for a while , to give it a different sound. both were recorded in tel aviv in the same studio. I havent been to israel in a long time now cause of the endless touring, but i think the studio is closed now. Which is sad, cause it was awesome.

How can people get your cd/Lp?
I dono about distribution in Hungary. They should come to the show and buy it from us cause then we get more money to pay for bills and buy ourselves furniture and throw pillows.

I’m sure you’ve got many tour stories, please tell me a few ( worst/best place you slept in, worst/best food etc. ) Once you told me a story about a drunk polish girl who fell down from somewhere, and her friend just watched laughing…
 Wow that poor girl. We were having breakfast and she fell into a shelf or something. I guess Krakow Poland was a funny story , i spent the night in the same bed with a man i havent seen before. We were taken to his home after the show and were told to share the floor of the apartment with two dogs who were obviously flea infested and were both constantly masterbating on the carpet. Also i recall in the basque country, in a squat, someone was doing speed. I thought that was funny cause it was a diy squat with vegan food and shit, and then there was speed on the table. In Bordeaux once a band we played with was doing cocaine on a monday night. People do weird shit to have fun. I just play PSP.

I know you like good food. Your favorites? A recipe maybe?
I miss israeli falafel and sabich which is eggpland in pita with egg etc. You fry an eggpland with egg on it, add a sliced egg into the pita, vegetables and sesame sauce. Sounds easy but its impossible to make at home. So its not really a recipe… more an impression.

Tell me something about your childhood.
Mickey grew up , just like me, in a suburb of Tel Aviv. I also lived in New York with my parents. This suburb was unique because it had a big art school in it. So i studied painting and Mickey theater.

Juval, I know you are a fucking maniac, so tell me please how many hours do you spend with TV B’ s things per day.
Well we dont have time to rehears cause we are mostly on the road. Next year we are dedicating the winter to rehearsing 4- 5 times a week to write new stuff.

What is next for you after music, hobbies or something like that?
Mickey likes to play solitare, watch movies and shop. I like to surf the web, play online role playing games, and eat. Together we like to go swimming, and we also enjoy vacationing in luxurious hotels eating out of silver bowls.

What about your Hungarian radio session? Some label put it out on tape, or something?
Yeah a label in France, Gaffer records. Cool little label. Sold out totaly last year.

How many releases do you have?
I’d say around 6 or 7. The new album is a compilation.

How could you do with serving in the military?
Mickey said she was crazy. I did all 3 years… its sucked. But i gained new friends.

The Great RNR666 Rorsach Parade! Look at the picture and tell me what you see!

Mickey isnt here, but i see the Batman logo.

Any final comment you’d like to add?
Happy to be back in Hungary ! Everything you want you got right here in Hungary !


4. 10. 2009.


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